Emile Toledo




Create a new method to read, learn and play a music score. One that can be performed without reference to traditional sheet music / staff notation.



Using phonics as a way to read and practise music, allowing anyone to learn without the direct need of an instrument or prior musical experience.
The score uses Nordic letterforms as the language contains more vowels, therefore widening the amount of phonetical sounds that could be produced when reading / learning the music.



The approach was heavy on strategy, typography and layout. Each physical element was carefully considered. The tuitional manual held the instructional DVD, whereby the printed score acted as a dust cover to wrap the book. Each fold was mapped accordingly, creating a grid to define sections in the score.



Nordic—Phonics was given the highest possible award (commendation) in the 2016 I.S.T.D. Student Assessments. Granting myself membership to the society.